About Paul

I am a therapist because I have experienced and believe in the transformational power of working collaboratively in taking small steps that lead to big changes in life. I believe that working with people through a process of change is a privilege in seeing people become more of whom they were meant to be.


I am a psychotherapist with a Masters degree in relational psychotherapy from the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, and am fully licensed in the state of Washington (license number LH60757154).

I have a passion for working with people in making changes in their lives that increase their sense of worth, their courage to risk, and willingness to try on new ways of relating to others – no longer victims of their circumstances, but creators of new opportunities for themselves and people they love.

Prior to becoming a therapist I worked in helping others make personal and professional change in a variety of roles. My background in business gave me the ability to focus on what works.  In my consulting work , I equipped  individuals with new skills and tools for effective communication, leadership, and interpersonal interactions in the workplace. My work in human services oriented me to helping others make sustainable changes.

Through my work with Open Hearts Ministry, I worked with groups of people across the country, as well as internationally, who were recovering from trauma, abuse, or neglect, enabling them to heal and engage their families, work, and lives in new ways.  My life-long passion is a commitment to helping people navigate change, learn new ways of doing things, recover from past hurts, and create new opportunities for the one life they have. My approach to therapy emphasizes the importance of encouraging, challenging, and supporting individuals as they pursue their preferred future.

My wife and I have been married for 30+ years. I enjoy hiking, exploring the Pacific Northwest, playing disc golf, and fixing up our home.  I love spending time with my family. I always have a couple of books going at one time, a committed life long learner.  I am a member of Bethany Community Church, North Campus.

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