Please note: as of January 2023 my practice and waiting list are full. Thank you for your interest.


Whatever search brought you here, welcome.

Congratulations on having the courage to look for someone that can help you move past the things that are holding you back:

Maybe you are having trouble in an important relationship in your life, and you are hoping to find more connection, intimacy, and fun with this person.

Maybe there is stuff in your past that you would like to get past so that you can be more present, and more focused on things that are important to you.

Maybe you’ve been deeply hurt or abused and you are hoping to create a future that is very different than the past that keeps popping up, and you are wondering if that’s even possible.

Maybe you’ve been having the same conflicts, the same run ins with people in your life and work, and you are looking for a way to change the results you are getting.

Maybe things are just really hard right now, like really, really hard. You may not be sure of what the next steps are, but you are tired of feeling like this all the time, and it would be nice to get some assistance, and help in making your way forward.

In my work as a licensed therapist, I use my experience, training, intuition, and skills to help people address the concerns they bring into therapy. In my work I focus on helping people improve their relationships with themselves, their spouses or partners, friends, and co-workers. When things are working well in our relationships, it makes it easier for us to focus on making positive changes in our lives. I am passionate about helping people make changes in their lives towards their preferred future.

Currently all of my work is done via a secure telehealth connection.  The process of choosing a therapist may feel overwhelming; a first visit or phone call with me is not an all-out commitment. Contact begins with a free 30-minute phone or online consult to discuss what’s important to you, and to clarify if there is a fit between therapist and client.  You can reach me at paulgebbencounseling@gmail.com or at (425) 219-3098. I look forward to hearing from you!