What others are saying

Learning to tell your story to find healing and discover a more befitting pathway for your life, one that holds courage and authenticity, is never easy. You need good accompaniment to do that with you. I can’t speak highly enough of Paul Gebben as a counselor and man. If you are looking to provoke change in your life with a thoughtful, kind, and courageous man to go there with you, Paul is your guy.

Jon DeWaal, Founder and President Liminal Space 

Paul is a kind, relational, and strong therapist. He has a way of putting people at ease quickly. People feel they have someone who can deeply understand and empathize with them, allowing them to journey through difficult emotions and circumstances together. I would highly recommend Paul.

Holly Pankratz, Minister of Care Westminster Chapel, Bellevue WA

I have had the pleasure of knowing Paul as a close friend for the past 12 years. During that time, Paul and I also worked together in a ministry context helping people heal from experiences of trauma. Paul brings a natural empathy to encounters, understanding the importance of listening carefully and honoring the other person with respect and dignity. I have also seen Paul own his impact with integrity when something disrupts that connection. His mindful approach brings a level of calm and stability to experiences that might otherwise be overwhelming. I highly recommend Paul to anyone seeking a trustworthy therapist.

Janet Stark, Story Coordinator,
Grandville, Michigan

Paul Gebben is a wise and insightful man. I have worked with him in several settings over the past ten years, as a co-ed small group facilitator, as a trusted counselor for those I have sent to him, and as a consultant in my work overseeing a non profit focused on creating safe small groups for people to tell and process their stories of harm and trauma. In these settings I have known Paul to be a man who both sees and listens well and who then enters into the narrative with great kindness. Paul is able to effectively offer tender compassion while also bringing enough strength to ask the hard questions that sometimes must be entertained in order for change to occur. Those I have known to sit under Paul’s care speak about their time with him using these types of words, “Paul helped me see the hatred I had for myself and offered me a path towards becoming more self accepting and learning to love who God made me to be.” I highly recommend Paul to anyone seeking a therapeutic setting to engage the narrative of their life for sake of hope and healing.

Tracy Johnson, Founder of Red Tent Living

I would highly recommend Paul Gebben.
My vote of confidence is evident by the fact that he is on the counseling resource list of our church. I fully trust him with our congregant’s mental health, no matter what the situation or circumstance. He’s a skilled therapist, strong in his Christian faith, with impeccable ethical and moral integrity and full of wise counsel.

Phil Maulding, Seattle-based Pastor, and licensed therapist