The cost of ongoing relationship problems can be very high. Problems in our primary relationships impacts our ability to think clearly, to do our best at work, to be present with our family, as well as to enjoy, play, and create in our daily lives.

This isn’t what I expected

Maybe you are a few, or maybe even several years into your relationship or marriage, and the fun seems to be gone, the intimacy lacking, or the connection frayed. Everything seems to take so much work. “I’m frustrated; we seem to be missing each other like ships passing in the night.”

We’re in trouble

Things have gone past the point where you can just keep going the way you have been. Perhaps there has been a rupture of trust or an affair. “We need help setting a new course, because  if we don’t make a change we are not going to make it.”

We’d like to get off on the right foot

Perhaps you are planning a wedding, or early in your relationship and would like to get counsel on traps to avoid and habits to build. I use the Symbis Marriage Assessment to help couples build their relationship on a solid foundation.

What words describe where you are at in your relationship? I would love to talk with you about your situation. Please contact me to set up an initial cost free 30-minute consult. You can reach me at or at (425) 219-3098.